Testimonios de algunas personas que recurrieron al Feng Shui para mejorar sus vidas

“I work from home, and own my own business, and I heard of the great benefits a real knowledgable Feng Shui expert could bring to my bottom line and the overall feeling of happiness in a home. I am very glad I found Monica to do this work for me. Monica was extremely professional and knowledgable. She was organized, informative and help me understand the interesting process of Feng Shui in relation to making my home more connected to positive energy, and how, slight adjustments on my interior design and my choice of materials impacted in the wellbeing of my business and my family life. Thank you Monica!
 Daniel Indart” 18 de mayo de 2011.-
Los Angeles, California.

 “Monica is very enthusiastic and knows a lot about Feng Shui. I would say she is an Energy Architect propsing the best aesthetic solutions for having great energy at home or office.” Marzo, de 2011



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